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Find the real estate tax services you need for your specific tax situation. We provide senior-level tax advisory and real estate evaluation services to owners and managers of commercial, industrial, and residential real estate, as well as to developers, asset managers, financial institutions, and corporations. Services include:

Property Assessment Appeals
• Personal Property and Real Estate Tax Assessment Reviews
• Real Estate Tax Consulting and Management

Real Estate Tax Consulting offers a number of fee arrangements according to the needs of the client. Some clients may request our services on a fixed fee or hourly rate. However, a majority of our clients prefer to work on a performance-based fee schedule, in which no fee is charged until a tax savings has been achieved. Whichever fee arrangement is appropriate for your success, Real Estate Tax Consulting will represent your best interest with efficient professionalism.

For an evaluation of how Real Estate Tax Consultants, Inc. can help relieve your tax burden, please call us at (412) 257-7878 or email us at We also offer a  free 30-minute initial consultation.

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